Canteen Orders

All ordering needs to be done via an app called Qkr! (pronounced ‘quicker’) – no face to face orders are accepted. Qkr! is a secure system for placing orders and making payments and has been developed by MasterCard. Qkr! comes with all levels of security that MasterCard offer on all of their online banking products. Qkr! is available on smartphones, ipads and desktop and laptop computers.


Setting Up

  1. Download Qkr! on your Android or Iphone (Ipad users must download the Iphone app). This can be done via the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  2. Register – Select your country of residence as Australia and follow the steps to register. This will include:
  3. Providing your email address.

b . Creating your own password.


Setting up your payment cards.

  1. Click on the Account tab at the top of the screen. Add your credit card details by clicking on Add Payment Card.
  2. Enter all of the required information (card holder name, card number, expiry dates etc) and then click Add Payment Card.
  3. For Card Alias either name it Visa or Mastercard depending on your credit card type. Amex and Diners are not accepted.
  4. Your payment card will be listed with only the last 4 digits showing. You can delete payment cards by clicking on the Delete button under the card name. You may choose to have receipts emailed to you. You can also have an extra layer of security by choosing a password on checkout.


Registering your child.

  1. Find our school. Our school will appear in ‘nearby locations’ if you’re within 10 kms of our school or search for our             school by name. Once you have signed in for the first time, Reidy Park PS should remain as your most recent           location and be saved for future purchases.
  2. Register your child. When first accessing our school you will be prompted to add a student profile for your child/ children. This allows you to make orders and payments for them. Information that you will need to provide about your child includes:
  3. First and last name.
  4. Gender
  5. Year level and Room number.

Complete all the required information and then click ‘add child’.

  1. At this stage you can add other children if needed. You can also edit the information by clicking on the child’s name or remove them from the list by clicking on the ‘x’.



  1. Sign in to the Qkr! app.
  2. Click on Reidy Park Primary School option.
  3. Select the ordering day for your child’s classroom
  4. Wednesdays: Rooms 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 22, 23, 24 and 25.
  5. Thursdays: Rooms 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 20 and 21.
  6. A yellow box will be highlighted – click the shaded box below this selected date.
  7. The menu options will now appear at the top of the screen. Options are provided in the following categories:     Drinks, Salad Plates, Sandwiches, Rolls, Hot and Tasty, Toasted Sandwiches, Pita Wraps, Foccacia, Amber Food and Snacks.
  8. Click on the item that you wish to order (a prompt will appear asking how many of the item you wish to order and an ‘add to cart’ instruction).
  9. Continue making your menu choices until all of your selections have been made. Once this has occurred, you can either:
  10. Order for another child by selecting their name.
  11. Go to the ‘checkout’ to finalise the order and make payment. Please note a message will appear that says ‘Pay Mulga Street PS Canteen’, this is correct as all orders are being managed by them.
  12. Orders can be made up until 7.30am on your child’s set day.